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Our ability to feel is one of the marks of our divine origin. We need not be ashamed of either tears or laughter. The Christian stoic who has crushed his feelings is only two-thirds of a man; an important third has been repudiated.
The true Christian ideal is not to be happy but to be holy. The holy heart alone can be the habitation of the Holy Ghost. #AWTozer

Fathers, you’ve got this!

When the weight is heavy and the speed is disorienting, don’t loose hope.

You’ve been placed in your household as the head — a beacon of good and right authority — to offer protection, providence, emotional support and spiritual leadership to your family.

And you can do it!

Feel overwhelmed? Don’t think you have what it takes? Grab a book like Kingdom Man, Fathered By God or Spiritual Slavery to Spiritual Sonship. Do something about it! Grow!

Your family needs you. Society needs you.

You’ve got this, dad!

How desperately the church at this moment needs men of courage is too well known to need repetition. Fear broods over the church like some ancient curse. Fear for our living, fear of our jobs, fear of losing popularity, fear of each other: these are the ghosts that haunt the men who stand today in the places of church leadership. Many of them, however, win a reputation for courage by repeating safe and expected things with comical daring.
What God is after is a man yielded to him... that kind of heart makes for a good King. @johneldredge #FatheredByGod

Passivity has no place in the lexicon of true masculinity.

Life is hard. We were made for it.

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Until a man learns to deal with the fact that life is hard, he will spend his days chasing the wrong thing, using all his energy trying to make life comfortable, soft, nice, and that is no way for any man to spend his life.

@JohnEldredge #FatheredByGod

Manhood is not evenings in front of the TV. It's 4am with a teething baby.

Strength is not pumping iron in the gym. It's a patient reply to your wife's questions.

Rest for the warrior heart

Solitude in the midst of battle

What does rest look like for the warrior heart of a man?

It’s probably not sleeping in while your wife watches the kids or frequent nights out with the guys; though everyone needs some of those from time to time.

Realistically, it's probably a few minutes alone after the kids go down, a moment of inner reflection or quiet morning before the family wakes.

We all need rest and we all do it differently. Seek solitude. But avoid sloth. A warrior is never far from his sword.

To all the midnight warriors, the superhero dads, up all through the night soothing sick little babies... carry on!

When your eyes are weary and your head aches... keep it up!

With every unseen load of laundry, every extra cup of coffee downed, and for every hour of sleep your efforts afford your tired wife... you are not alone!

You play an integral role in your family.  Never forget that your strength is what they lean on when they are weak and scared. So be strong and lead on!

I hate being wrong. I mean, I'm the quintessential Type-A perfectionist. Don't believe me? As a kid, I used to fold my dirty laundry before laying it in the hamper.

I've come a long way since then, but when I'm wrong, it still sucks.

But I love being wrong. You know why? Because it's, by far, the best way to humble me and reveal my flaws -- and usually, it's right out in front of everyone else to see it.

The best part about being wrong is when I try to defend it; especially to my wife.  Because when I do this, it makes my error so much more obvious and exposes my need for grace, growth and forgiveness.

There are no cliche answers or glib catch phrases to help in this department. It's cold, hard facts. And when my wrongness puts it's neck out there far enough to offend or hurt someone, it serves me right to receive a swift cuff on the head.

So, here's a note to self: you're going to be wrong. You're not going to like it. But if you're willing to surrender your own ego, fess up to the fault and seek forgiveness, you'll find that life puts you right back where you belong: humbly and thankfully in the sweet hands of grace.

Is anything really holding you back?

Fear? What's that?! It's a figment of your imagination.  It's a whisper from a dead man -- it means nothing.

Your obedience to the call of Christ and stewardship of the responsibilities entrusted to you is the barometer of your masculinity.

The "state of our union" address your wife would give and your child knowing that "dad knows my heart" is a testimony to your legacy, or lack thereof.

Apathy is an embarrassment and disengagement is a shame. Undying dedication to righteousness, health and obedience is to be praised.

You are not a victim of your reality.  You are the captain of your ship. Take a stand and stand together, for there is hope and beauty to be revealed.

Work as unto the Lord.  Live as if you had nothing to lose. Love as if everything was at stake. Because it is.  Your presence matters.

The prayers of a righteous man are powerful and effective, so get on your knees and be humbled and encouraged by the King of all Kings.

Do not advocate the role that you have been given, but take hold of the promise of new and abundant life. Join the ranks of your fellow warriors.